Jason Wang

Software Engineer, Inventor, and Entrepreneur

About Me.


my name is jason

i am a software engineer

located in seattle, wa

currently pursuing personal ventures

i enjoy reading photography and tennis 网球



Software Engineer

‣ Led front-end development for Elevāt’s Maintenance, Service, and Parts platform with React.js

‣ Owned multiple UI features including Gateway Provisioning, Command and Control, Role-Based Access Control, and Alerting features

‣ Implemented back-end APIs for exporting IoT machine data to CSV using Golang

‣ Maintained high code review standards in all UI components for readability, functionality, and efficiency



Software Engineer

‣ Led front-end development of Xemelgo’s platform for inventory control and management

‣ Resolved platform compatibility issues across all devices and browsers

‣ Established a company-wide best practices, code quality, and styling guide for writing highly effective React code



Member of Two Award Winning MLH Teams

‣ 1st Place: Disrupting the Credit Score Industry at DefHacks 2019 for designing a new universal, transparent, and distributed credit score system.

‣ 1st Place: Best Use of Here.com API at SacHacks 2018 for creating a car-share application that cultivates fan spirit while reducing traffic congestion.

‣ Implementing advanced technologies and data metrics to create impactful, market viable applications and solutions.



Software Engineering Student

‣ Studied Software Engineering at Penn State.

‣ Studyied discrete mathematics, probability and statistics, and relevant topics in computer sciences and supporting disciplines for a comprehensive coverage of modern software and techniques.

‣ Implemented the principles and techniques of computer science, engineering, and mathematical analysis as a software engineer to empower computers with innovative applications to perform tasks smarter, faster, and better.



Full Stack Web Development Honors Graduate

‣ Triple Black Belt honors graduate of Coding Dojo, learning full-stack app development in several languages and frameworks (Java, JavaScript, Python).

‣ Obtained deep knowledge of the internet and modern software (e.g. addressing, compiling, transpiling, browser engines, operating systems, and distribution pipelines)

‣ Implemented Python (Django), Java (Spring), and JavaScript (MEAN) to develop an array of software solutions for both startup and enterprise level applications.